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WINONA OFFICE NOTIFICATION: Winona Neighborhood Family Clinic will be closed until further notice, in preparation of relocating. If you need an appointment or have any questions or concerns call our La Crosse office at (608) 781-9880.

Stephanie Andresen-Stevens

Stephanie Andresen-Stevens

About Stephanie Andresen-Stevens

Wellness Consultant, HCG Weight Loss Specialist, Certified Wellness Coach

Stephanie is passionate about helping you meet your goals and has extensive knowledge of body detoxification, nutritional needs and HCG weight loss.

She loves to educate you on how to maintain your results at home so you can keep the years coming off long after the treatment has ended and offers ongoing support to each and every client

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science in Business from St. Mary’s University and an Associate Degree from Minnesota State College Southeast Technical. She obtained her wellness coaching certification at The Spencer Career Institute for Wellness Coaching.

What is a Wellness Coach?

A wellness coach is your partner in creating solutions to the issues preventing you from feeling your best; they help you create your unique and optimal state of well-being. Your wellness coach will help you set goals and take action to move you from your present state to where you would like to be. They help you see and achieve the possibilities. Coaching is so effective because it blends accountability with action. Coaches look at how to make things happen, not why things didn’t work in the past.

Wellness is about the body, mind, and spirit thus reflecting the wide range of personal definitions of being well: exercising more consistently and effectively, losing weight, feeling stronger and more energetic, eating proper amounts of nutritious foods, getting the proper nutritional supplementation, practicing gratitude and appreciation, making time for you, experiencing a sense of connectedness and peace, feeling calm and balanced, being happy and energized. Clients gain a sense of clarity about their values and when they align their behaviors with their values they may find a stronger sense of purpose.